See Napoli and then (you can) die! The popular statement of Goethe summarizes the feeling that people would get from visiting our beautiful city. 

In fact this unique spot of the world has it all: history, natural beauty, food culture, mistery and above all beautiful people. 

From having a pizza in the historic centre to sit and get a coffee by the sea front overlooking Capri's shape, you won't run out of things to do.

There is both a literally underground Napoli to discover and the city developed above the catacombs surface.

Amalfi Coast

An amazing stripe of land that goes from the fishermen village of Vietri sul Mare to the famous Positano. A windy road that leaves amazed everyone who runs across.

Amalfi Coast can be easily reached both by the sea and from the road in less than 2 hours. It's not a place for a usual holiday by the sea, as the beaches are not wide enough to welcome big crowds of tourist, but that's another point that makes this place special: there are several hidden quiet little beaches along the coast, not always easy to reach.

Aside from the sea, as for the whole region, the mediterranean cuisine is profoundly important here and you'll probably have some among the best meal of your life.